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you're slacking love,where have you been? [Jan. 20th, 2008|12:57 am]
i think maybe it's time for just an update. not a rant, not some philosophical statement....just an update.

saw juno today. pretty decent movie. i love the chick in it...she must have a thing for red hoodies. she was also in hard candy, which i also loved, and in it she had a red hoodie...its actually the movie that made me search obsessively for a red hoodie, which at the time was impossible to find. now they're all the rage and every chick born in the past 2 decades has one. but anyway she also rocked one in this movie. just a little bit of useless info for you.

went to the store to get some munchies before venturing home. i totally got eyed by this little girl. she must have been about three or four. but i passed her a couple times, and every time she'd stop and just stare at me...and she stopped and smiled and waved a couple times, and i smiled back. then i went to pay for my shit, and she walks up behind me, and tugs on her dad's shirt, and "whispers" really loudly,that way kids do, " look daddy,she's got red hair!"  haha,i busted out laughing...they stood there talking for a good 5 minutes at least, i wish i had heard what the dad's response was. haha,little kids are funny.

spent the rest of the day watching movies. yea,i'm a bum. i actually can't stand watching movies all day. i get really anxious when i sit for too long. i can really only do it like once every couple of months. haha,and today was that day.

lifetime movies always have a way of sucking me in. i went to put in a new movie after i finished one of my others, and within that five minutes totally got sucked into watching some shitty lifetime movie.

i love sharing secrets. i'm totally obsessed with the ghetto livejournal version of postsecret, livesecret. i dont know why,but i really love sharing my secrets and seeing what other people have to say about them.

time to go search for some movies i lost. i really want to watch eternal sunshine and sin city. both are missing though. blown.