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Suspended in a Drug Like State of Bliss [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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self serve friends, we were friends for a second [Nov. 10th, 2006|11:44 pm]
[mood |yum,ice cream]

umm....i learned today that folk music really isn't my thing. i don't have anything against it, and people who like it are not necessarily hicks. but it just doesnt work for me. the first band was alright,just cuz the cello guy(thats right,CELLO) was kind of funny, in the high,trippin balls sort of way. but the second guy....whoa buddy. first, slow folk music sucks. second, nobody wants to sit in uncomfortable metal chairs and listen to you play at least 30 fucking songs, that all sound basically the same. oh,and the fact that he was fat didnt help any. it was gross. 

my grades are decent. at least i can say i'm "eligible for extracurricular activities"

 Cycle adjustment technique (CAT)

The cycle adjustment technique, developed by Daniel Love, is an effective way to induce lucid dreaming. It involves adjusting one's sleep cycle to encourage awareness during the later part of the sleep. First, the person wakes up 90 minutes before normal wake time until their sleep cycle begins to adjust (Love suggests at least a week for this stage). During this 90 minute period regular reality tests are performed. After this initial period is complete, the normal wake times and early wake times alternate daily. On the days with the normal wake times, the body is ready to wake up and perform reality tests yet remains asleep and dreaming. These sleep cycle adjustments should create favourable psychological and biological conditions for lucidity.

ooo,ooooo! action action's coming to dc in december! so FUCKING excited! ...haha,i act like its the first time i've seen them.

it sucks though cuz i'm seeing deftones the 4th, and i wanted to see bayside the 8th, which would work cuz its a friday, but then i also want to see action action the 18th. action action first and foremost.

damn,i'm devouring this ice cream. i'm supposed to be on an all oatmeal diet, but really i'm just fat. and i really want some corn bread. like,i have a crazy intense craving for corn bread. i might go make some right now, after i finish this post. but i'll probably wait till the morning.

washington? good stuff. evergreen state college? great stuff. apartment with cat and hopefully chelsea and nolan? best stuff EVER.

Random Fact: i really don't like feta cheese. i think it tastes and looks like a yeast infection.

the end.

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with both eyelids shut, and baby, this won't get any easier [Oct. 26th, 2006|04:29 pm]

the next couple of posts are going to be about induction methods:

Wake-back-to-bed (WBTB)

The wake-back-to-bed technique is often the easiest way to induce a lucid dream. The method involves going to sleep tired and waking up five hours later. Then, focusing all thoughts on lucid dreaming, staying awake for an hour and going back to sleep. The odds of having a lucid dream are then much higher. This is because the REM cycles get longer as the night goes on, and this technique takes advantage of the best REM cycle of the night. Because this REM cycle is longer and deeper, gaining lucidity during this time may result in a more vivid and lengthy lucid dream.

i guess the school caught on fire today? crazzzzy. i was outside in the fucking freezing cold for an hour shivering and shaking and wanting a jack....and i got one and that was good.

and then i went and got frosting and that was good. the frosting was actually pretty nastay....too sweet. not nearly as good as funfetti. but still tons of fun. i cry frosting tears and bleed frosting blood. sooo-o-o emo delicious. 

video killed the radio star. i love that song. so ridiculously 80's. 

i'm drinking a peppermint mocha. i haven't had one in so long. it's sooo-o-o good! 

i just devoured that peppermint mocha. i destroyed it. 

FUCK. i have to do that raccoon project. like,it was due wednesday and i havent even started it. fu-u-uck. shit. 

i guess i could do it tonight but i'm so so tired and i really just want to go sleep right now. 

Question of the day: what role do coincidences play in lifes path?

random fact: toe socks make me giggle.

the end.

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press my face up against the glass [Oct. 23rd, 2006|04:14 pm]
chiodos was FUCKING amazing. oh my god.....so good.

atreyu was pretty orgasmic too.when they played you give love a bad name....oh my god....i realize it's a cover and all, but it's definitely one of my favorite songs that they play. that, and the crimson. whoa...there was this guy who looked like daniel standing right behind me,and it's crazy cuz i met daniel at atreyu. whoa.

uhh....frosting is really good.

....especially out of a spoon.

i need to cut my hair. i kind of want to grow it long again, but that's such a mission.

what am i gonna do for halloween?

lucid dreaming? i think i'm getting close.....speaking of which,i should probably talk about it a little....it's study time again. i just figured i'd put a real update first before i pumped your guys's brains full of lucid dreaming shit. update=over. 

today we're gonna talk about reality checks.

 Reality testing

Reality testing is a common method that people use to determine whether or not they are dreaming. It involves performing an action with results that are difficult to re-create in a dream. By practicing these techniques during waking life, one will eventually dream of performing a reality check—which will usually fail—helping the dreamer realize that they are dreaming. Common reality tests include:

  • Read some text, look away, and read it again, or to look at your watch and remember the time, then look away and look back. Observers have found that, in a dream, the text or time will often have changed.
  • Flipping a light switch or looking into a mirror. Light switches rarely work properly in dreams, and reflections from a mirror often appear to be blurred, distorted or incorrectAnother form of reality testing involves identifying one's dream signs, clues that one is dreaming. Dream signs are often categorized as follows:
  • Action — The dreamer, another dream character, or a thing does something unusual or impossible in waking life, such as photos in a magazine or newspaper becoming 3-dimensional with full movement.
  • Context — The place or situation in the dream is strange.
  • Form — The dreamer, another character, or a thing changes shape, or is oddly formed or transforms; this may include the presence of unusual clothing or hair, or a third person view of the dreamer.
  • Awareness — A peculiar thought, a strong emotion, an unusual sensation, or altered perceptions. In some cases when moving one's head from side to side, one may notice a strange stuttering or 'strobing' of the image.
  • Cohesion — Sometimes the dreamer may seem to "teleport" to a completely different location in a dream, with no transition whatsoever.

Though occurrences like these may seem out of place in waking life, they may seem perfectly normal to a dreaming mind and learning to pick up on these dream signs will help in recognizing that one is dreaming.

you can find the above info+ more at wikipedia.

Question of the day: is there any difference between  dreams (lucid or non) and waking life?

random fact: i really can't stand my chemical romance.
 sorry it was so long. the end.

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shredded by state lines [Oct. 21st, 2006|09:53 am]
atreyu/chiodos tonight. i really hope atreyu plays older songs, and not many off their new cd....it's kind of gay/cheesy.

justin and chad are here....justin's super cute and super duper smart.

i got a mouse yesterday....one of the pygmies got attacked by the others,and got his tail chewed off, so we had to seperate him before the others killed him. his name's stumpy.

i think i had a semi precognitive dream the other day....you know,the kind where you see the future. in my dream, murphy came back to life,except he was grown up and i was taking care of him,then later emily and i went to starbucks but it was all different with weird conveyor belts like the jetsons,and i was talking about how i didnt like how they changed it. then yesterday i went downtown with cat and got a frap, and the store wasnt different, but the cups were, and when i got home,murphy obviously wasnt still alive, but i got another mouse. crazzzzy yo.

Question of the day: when you are aware that you're dreaming, how does the "character" of you become aware that you're existing in a dream?

i think this means reality checks, but i'm not completely sure?

i think holden just woke up. peace.

random fact: my two favorite places in the world are my brothers room and the goblin well.
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(no subject) [Oct. 20th, 2006|10:39 am]
"Shared dreaming
You can try to meet somebody you know in a dream. As soon as you become lucid you try to find this person.


You can also make an appointment with a fellow lucid dreamer to meet each other on a familiar place. The Lucid Crossroads is specially designed as a meeting place for shared dreaming.

To check if you have really had a shared dream it can be an idea to give each other a password.

You could also try to enter a friend's dream and try to make him/her lucid. "

so apparently it can happen....come on now,who wants to meet me in a dream? it's a great idea...think about it....say you want to do drugs,but you dont want to deal with the possible consequences of actually doing those drugs (you're worried about ODing, having a bad trip, you're on piss test and can't,etc.) so instead you meet your friend in a lucid dream and do the drug, share the whole experience with your friend,. and when you wake up it's exactly as if you had done the drugs with them in real life (you both shared the same experience and have all the memories of what happened in the dream,just like if they were real).....so basically you get to go on a free(money) and risk-free drug-trip with a friend. thats really cool. 

or,say you're in a long-distance relationship....obviously this means you can't fuck the person as much as you'd like to....so, you both meet up in a lucid dream and can fuck each other...everything in lucid dreams feels just like its happening in real life, and appears completely real....so basically you could have sex with them, no matter how far apart your physical bodies are. 

on a different note: i think i almost got to a lucid state last night....i did the thing where you go straight from a conscious state to a deaming state, by visualizing yourself in a dream while you're still tired (this keeps your mind conscious,while you're body is able to relax enough to go to sleep, and there's no need for yu to ask yourself if you're dreaming once in the dream, you enter it knowing you're asleep, thus immediately achieving a lucid state)...anyway,i was doing this, and i was sort of half asleep,half awake, drifting back and forth, and suddenly it was super hard to breath (this happens because you're still trying to consciously control you're breathing while you're body's already gone into sleeping mode,so it feels like your chest is being crushed) anyway, at that point i drifted back to half-awake state and started getting too excited that i was gonna have a lucid dream,tried to breath too hard, then woke up. 

Question of the day: do you believe that we are all telepathically sharing our experiences?

i guess i'm going to the mall today....oooo,i wanna see the prestige so bad.

chad and justin are coming here tonight, chiodos/atreyu tomorrow....i guess thats it.

random fact: lilies are my favorite kind of flower.

the end.

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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2006|05:59 pm]

i know i already  posted today,and sorry for the excessive posting, but i didn't want to forget this question:

random fact: i don't believe dreams are just figments of our imaginations,little stories we make up from our sub-conscious....at least,not entirely...i believe,at least partially, they're seperate worlds that we enter. most of the time, we percieve them as unreal, because we enter them soley in our sub-conscious. sometimes we actually fully enter it,and can comprehend and control our actions and the reactions of those actions, this is when lucid dreaming occurs, as we're no longer entering this world through our sub-conscious, but rather through our conscious. so basically i think it's a parallel universe. this means that everything in the dream is real...no,it wont affect us in our real life(waking state) because it's a different universe, and different rules apply, but the rules apply to everyone in that universe, and therefore everyone sees the same thing in that universe...because it actually is there.

this poses the question: could two people who have achieved lucid dreaming meet in a dream? say a friend and i both became really good at lucid dreaming....could i say to her "tonight, go to the rez in your dream, i'll meet you by the part with the sand" then once we're both in a lucid state, change the scenery so we're at the rez, and the other person would be there in each other's dream? and then would we remember it in the morning, would the conversations in the dream have actually taken place? 

now i'm curious. which means that someone needs to try this with me. 

and on that note, i'm gonna go clean myself.

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promise me that you won't be consumed when you realize we're praying on the same moon [Oct. 19th, 2006|02:23 pm]

how lucid dreaming can improve our lives/what it can help us achieve:
  self-realization - because we go into our sub-conscious while dreaming, we can learn a lot about ourselves/feelings that we supress, and because lucid dreams are so memorable, we remember what we find out about ourselves when we wake up.basically, we're unleashing our subconscious....haha,unleashing.
  gain acces to mystical states of awareness not accesible from the waking state
("dream yoga")
  experiment without restrictions: fly, explore underwater, sexual acts that you wouldnt otherwise have the balls for, drugs, etc....you don't have to actually do these things in real life but you still will remember the feeling of them even after the lucid dream.
  face fears: lucid dreams can help us face fears, as we know we won't be harmed in the dream, and in waking life we'll feel better about whatever it was we faced.
  practice talking to people: because you're in complete control (knowledge=power, knowledge of being asleep=power to control dreams) you can put yourself in a situation to have a conversation that you would be too shy, embarassed, etc to have with someone, practice it, and gain a better understanding or what you want to say and how you sub-consciously feel about the whole thing...this will give you more balls to have the conversation in real life.

in conclusion: lucid dreaming is basically our lives without restrictions. so why not try it? anyone can achieve lucid dreaming. yes,it's harder than it sounds. but it's worth it. lucid dreaming has been describe as ten (insert whatever number you want,it's figurative) times better than real life. with practice, it can be acheived...not even hard practice....sure,you may seem like a dork doing "reality checks" but its worth it....come one,you have to admit you want to try it at least a little. 

i started (for like the fourth time) my dream journal this morning. dream journals help us remember our dreams, and by remembering and analyzing our dreams we can better achieve lucid dreams. you guys should do this with me...we'll be like a cute little lucid dream community. 

question of the day: do you believe that life's outcome is predetermined, or that life "is yours to create"? you guys already know my answer.

random fact: i like all kinds of cranberry juice.....well,at least the kinds i've tried....and i've tried a lot. i especially love cran-apple and cran-blueberry....the ocean spray cran-apple is the best.

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denying this day didn't stop it from coming [Oct. 18th, 2006|07:08 pm]
waking life is probably one of the greatest movies ever.
lucid dreaming is really very interesting.
therefore, we're all going to have some thought-provoking questions every once in a while....good too stimulate the brain and whatnot,you know? i dont care too much for stupid people.
feel free to throw in input, or just let the questions make you think,mannnn-n-n.

these questions, along with other great waking life info can be found at www.wakinglifemovie.com

question of the day: are there recurring images that clue you into the fact that you're dreaming?

and on that note, i should probably go give the baby some din-din. peace out.

random fact: i think that everyone has the ability to and probably does change your life greatly,in ways you might not even know. for this reason, i try to not be shy. if there's someone i want to talk to/feel like i should meet, i try to have the balls to talk to them, because maybe they're supposed to change your life,you know? you could really fuck up the plan of things if you dont talk to someone you're supposed to meet. this goes along with random fact #1 and the movie. check it out.
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we walked down to the water as i fucked your grandmother's daughter (thats your mama) [Oct. 17th, 2006|07:05 pm]
[mood |the 80s were great]
[music |everybody wants to rule the world]

i thought i didnt have my tickets yet, and i was getting worried,cuz the show's saturday,then i found out that they've been here for weeks. 

best invention EVER: a shelf inside the dryer, so your shoes dont go "clunk boooom c-c-c-clunk" if you dry them. so convenient. yea,the new washer and dryer got here today. good stuff.

soon baboon soon gets old so quick. skippyjon jones is great though. "dude,he just wants his beans back"

my name is friskito skipito *clap clap* 
i fear not a single bandito *clap clap*
my manners are mellow
i'm sweet like the jell-o
i get the job done, yes indeed-o! *clap clap*

random fact: those little marshmallows in hot chocolate mix make my day. i dont like bag marshmallows,they're too fluffy. but nothing tops those little teeny tiny marshmallows in the powder stuff. so delicious.

the end.

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(no subject) [Oct. 16th, 2006|11:47 am]

holden's birthday was super cute. he destroyed that cake.

so i stayed home to watch him today, cuz my mom's uber sick, and emily still hasnt come home from her mom's house yet, so i think i stayed here for nothing. i guess i should maybe go clean soon. i'm so fucking bored. 

woowoo,i'm not failing any of my classes anymore. my grade's still pretty shitty in pre-calc though. oh well. d=passing. 

i think emily just got here. 

random fact: i like crunchy food on sandwiches, but not in pasta. like,i put cucumber on sandwhiches, but i cant stand crucnhy shit in pasta....like onions or something. it makes me cringe. i dont know if i spelled that right.



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