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Suspended in a Drug Like State of Bliss

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and we'll float to the end, where the oceans do bend, and we'll fly away...

...and we'll never go back.
30 seconds to mars, 9:30 club, a static lullaby, action action, adelphi, afi, alkaline trio, all time low, american eyes, anberlin, andrew wk, angelina jolie, armor for sleep, atreyu, avec, bad religion, bayside, beavis and butthead, bill and ted, blondie, bright eyes, brownies, bubble bobble, candy canes, catcher in the rye, chiodos, concerts, count the stars, david bowie, dead poetic, deftones, depeche mode, detroit rock city, donnie darko, edward scissorhands, elkland, enchanted, eurotrip, fight club, finch, finding neverland, fraggle rock, full house, futurama, gatsby's american dream, gimme gimmes, goldfinger, grease, harold and kumar, hole, hopesfall, horror movies, hungry hungry hippos, i am sam, indie, jay and silent bob, jericho, joe dirt, john q, karmellas game, kicking and screaming, kill hannah, lagwagon, less than jake, lux courageous, makeup, marilyn manson, midtown, minor threat, monsters, morningwood, music, mxpx, my nipple ring, napoleon dynamite, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nofx, office space, old school, old school videogames, olive garden, ottobar, outsmarting simon, piercings, plain white t's, price is right, punchline, questionable content, recher theatre, rock kills kid, run lola run, silverstein, simpsons, sleepy hollow, spindle, spitalfield, starbucks, stephen king, story of the year, sugarcult, super troopers, tenacious d, tetris, the black cat, the black maria, the bottom line, the bravery, the early november, the labyrinth, the matches, the sixth sense, the sounds, the start, tim burton, trog, truman show, tsunami bomb, two if by sea, underscore, victory records, voodoo blue, waking life, will ferrell, willy wonka, zoolander